Risk of Investment

By accessing/using our platform through the website  you agree to accept the risks associated with investments made through the Website, including but not limited to:

Loss of Capital –  Investments in startups/early-stage enterprises (Companies) include the inherent risk of not ensuring full-fledged earnings or returns from the investments, since these firms may lack a business model or proven idea that can be used as a benchmark for 100% success. As a result, it is typically suggested to build a diverse portfolio of assets that may generate returns while also absorbing capital losses in the aggregate.

Lack of liquidity –  Liquidity refers to stock shares that can be easily sold. However, equity investments in these companies are very illiquid because their shares are unlisted/private and cannot be easily traded on an exchange or other secondary trading venue.

Rarity of dividends –  Companies may be unable to pay dividends throughout the life of an investment. As a result, in order to get a return on any of your assets, you will need to go through another sale or some other comparable procedure for which no time range can be specified.

Dilution – The companies may raise further capital in the future, and your ownership may be decreased as a consequence of the issuance of new shares.

Performance – The Company’s forward-looking statements, which include views and judgments, are based on various estimates and assumptions that are subject to significant business, economic, regulatory, and competitive uncertainties. Though these comments can be useful to understand the Companies’ objectives and intentions, they should not be taken as commitments by the Companies, but rather as speculative and subjective in nature.

Tax – You may be required to pay taxes on any profits or gains received from your investments in the Company, and payment of such taxes is solely your responsibility. As a result, you should see your tax expert for further information on these topics.

For the avoidance of dispute, in light of your acknowledgement of the aforementioned risk factors, you agree and recognize that you will keep Finlay Stakes blameless and will not make any claims in relation to any of the above. Send it with some adjustments.